Day One

1 01 2011

1/1/11… if I would only wait until 11:11 I could extend the theme…

I’m not a native. Not even a native New Englander. I guess I’d have to qualify myself as a newcomer. And what with the history of Ipswich, I’ll be a newcomer 20 years from now.

But I love this town. When the decision was made to move (back) to New England from the burnt orange corner of the weather map, Cape Ann was the starting point. Over time our sights turned inland, if only slightly. And when the time came to put our money down, the house that sang to me was this lovely antique out on Linebrook. And with it came the title of “Resident of Ipswich,” a title I carry with pride.

I live in a neighborhood of plumbers and writers, firemen and musicians. Social activists and doctors. Hair dressers. Merchants. Artists. Many with roots generations deep in Ipswich, some (like me), outsiders that found our hearts’ home here. This is the wealth of our town – our people. You have welcomed my family and me in a way the completely belies the reputation of the New England “reserve.” I am blessed beyond measure to call myself an Ipswichian.

This blog isn’t about me. It’s about Ipswich. What goes on here, what’s important, or not. As time goes on, I invite you to send me information about your events… ones where you invite the public, of course, but also the little events that make life in Ipswich the delight it is. The backyard New Years’/4th of July/Pat’s-win fireworks display… the first ripe tomato… the perfect sledding day on Cable’s hill. Treasured moments.

Our town is rich… let’s share the wealth with each other!




One response

5 01 2011
Chris Florio

Hi Kristina,
Love your blog and look forward to finding out what is going on in our neighborhood by following it.

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