It happens…

8 01 2011

It happens a lot in Ipswich. And yet people get all excited and upset every time. There’s anticipation, fear, preparation.

I’m talking about snow here.

Snow is lightly falling, just like in the song. As far as I can find out, we’re looking at a couple of inches total. Looking out my window on Market Street, the roads are wet, and a little slushy, but utterly unobstructed.

So why was there such a mob scene at Market Basket? People buying up milk and toilet paper as if they’d never see them again. Are there New England snow traditions involving milk and/or toilet paper that I don’t know about? Can anybody explain?! Even under the worst conditions, you’re going to be able to get to the store in a couple of days… are you really going to have a toilet paper crisis in that time? I must be missing something…

In the mean time, my world is a study in gray and white.

Time to head home over the slushy roads… I wonder if I should stop and pick up some toilet paper?





4 responses

8 01 2011
Chris Florio

You mean you have never heard of New England tradition where if the snow is too light to make a snowman you make one out of milk and toilet paper?

8 01 2011

Oooooooooh! So THAT’S it. Thank you so much for clearing this up!

11 01 2011

I remember the big blizzard. I was in college and ventured out for supplies…..soda and triscuts. 🙂

And you have a view of Market Street, my Studio is in the basement!

12 01 2011
Doug Brendel

I think God is going to punish you for this post by sending a blizzard today 🙂

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