Back at it…

25 01 2011

My last post was, what?, two weeks ago? I was so excited about posting every day at the beginning. But somehow the enthusiasm burned out. Why is that? We all DO want to eat better, exercise more, and spend more time with our families. There are as many articles written on why we break New Years resolutions as there are on making them, so I’m not going to try and out psych the psychologists…

Just getting back on the “horse”…

Is there anything more boring than talking about the weather? I know a songwriter who wrote a whole song about NOT talking about the weather. But, um… it’s been pretty dominant here in the ‘Swich these last two weeks. However you feel about the white stuff, we’ve had plenty of it!

The best part of any difficulty (digging nearly 2 feet of snow off your drive qualifies as a difficulty) is how it brings the best out in people.

After the blizzard I looked out across the vast expanse of our driveway, sighed and started digging. My wonderful husband was out of town, so it was up to me, with the help of the 9-year-old and the almost-grown offspring, to clear it. We do own a snowblower, but it is… shall we say… small? Electric.

Cute, huh?

Nothing like the monsters that look like such overkill most of the time. So we had to shovel off the top 8-12 inches before the machine could be employed.

All this to say, it was a long process. Our driveway has two entrances, and we were happy to get one cleared by the time the sun set. It was satisfying work, but there is physical limit…

Inside, after changing into dry clothes, I sat by the fire and listened to the neighborhood monster machines carving into the snowbanks. I was just glad our job was done.

Then my son came in and said, “um… Mom…”


“Someone… did the other side.”

Sure enough, peering out the side window, I could see our entire driveway, neatly carved out.

I still don’t know who did it, although I have my suspects.

I love this town.

Anybody else have any good-neighbor stories?




One response

25 01 2011
Terry Del Percio, Work & Career Consultant

What a wonderful gesture. People really are good hearted.

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