Winter Sun

29 01 2011

Just when we’ve resigned ourselves to dreary and gray, a day dawns like today.

There is simply nothing as joyful as winter sunshine. In the morning it filters through the trees creating fingers of blue shadow on pink-tinted snow. The sun climbs higher and sends its rays skittering across the expanse of whiteness. Individual flakes wink.

Dripping becomes more continuous off the icicles across the back of the house, and the asphalt peeks out tentatively on the driveway.

Even on days when it remains too cold for the brightness to feel warm on the face, it is still warming to the soul.

And if the sun shines on a weekend… there is the sound of children squealing and shouting, even adults can hardly resist picking up a handful of the newly packable whiteness. The driveway is clear, and it’s time to enjoy!




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