Watching the river run

11 03 2011

The Ipswich is running deep and fast today… quite a change from last month or last summer. But it still runs. As much as it changes it stays the same.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

Change is constant, but it still affects us deeply. The simple changing of the season, so welcome this time of year, is treated with entreaty and anticipation, as if Spring has ever failed to arrive.

The only thing you can depend on is change.

Other changes aren’t so welcome… aging, rising prices and, most of all, friends leaving us.

Here in downtown Ipswich we’ve said good-bye to two businesses in the past month that I will miss greatly. OtisRein has pulled up stakes for Santa Monica, Mimi has moved online. As much as I enjoyed the shops, I’ll miss the people more. Susan Otis’s bounce and brightness, Claudia Bowman’s wit and cynicism. Giselle, Mia, we’ll miss them all here on Market/South Main Streets.

You never step in the same river twice…

On the other hand, I’m the new kid on the block. 8 months ago I didn’t know these people. I was the usurper, taking the place of the beloved Barbara. And soon the empty shops will be filled again. Who knows what fascinating characters are waiting in the wings?

Could be… who knows? There’s something due, any day, I will know, right away… soon as it shows…

The river will keep running, and the tides will keep changing…




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