The First Time…

21 12 2011

It has come to my attention that people can be very nervous about the “first time.”

No, not that.

I’m talking about buying that first piece of original art. How many times have I heard, “Oh, I’d love to collect art, but I don’t know where to begin.” or “If I only had the money.” Lingering over a special piece, coming back week after week to visit, telling their friends about it after the exhibition is over.

You know the one.

The painting that calls your name, catches your eye, draws you closer daring you to take it home… hm… maybe there are more similarities to that other thing than I thought.

I have always been drawn to own original works of art. Not large or expensive, but meaningful and endlessly pleasing. The art hanging on the walls of my home does not match current trends; each piece has a story. And that story continues to unfold as the years go by.

In the next few weeks I will present a primer in buying art. Not “what” to buy, but “why” and “how.”

It’s going to be amazing, I promise!




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