Theatre… Ipswich’s future?

26 01 2011

There’s no escaping.

If you’re in Ipswich, “historical” is unavoidable. And hey, that’s one of the attributes I love about this place. I live in an antique home, and I still thrill to the thought that all this old stuff around town is REAL, not reproduction, not simulation.

And in one of our historical buildings, an exciting future is cooking. The old Town Hall building is waking from a long nap. The Ipswich Playhouse Society signed papers in December to purchase the building. All it needs now is a “little renovation.”

The plans for the theatre

The plans include a jazz bar, a coffee house, and shops. But the real big deal is the theatre. 300 seats. Compact stage. An intimate setting for smaller shows.

There is nothing like live theatre. It is an ancient art, surely dating back to the first guy who retold the story of his mammoth hunting expedition… with embellishments. And there is nothing more modern.

Every entertainment innovation was supposed to mean “the death of live theatre,” and yet is persists. Because being in the same space with a performer, witnessing his work as it happens, is not the same as watching a recording of it. The perspective is different, the sense of anticipation is heightened. There is no “take 2” in the theatre. There is no post-production to clean up timing or errors. It is honest performance – what you experience is actually happening before you.

Can you tell that I love theatre? I found my soulmate in a theatre. I found myself there, as well. Working in theatre is rich experience, an all-enveloping one. Anything is possible, even (often) the impossible. And yes, the show must go on, against all odds.

So the possibility of live theatre in Ipswich sets my heart racing. Just think of the possibilities…


Music and musicians in the ‘Swich

5 01 2011

This town is full of musicians. Pro, semi-pro, piano plunkers and garage band guitarists.

Unfortunately they don’t have too many venues to showcase their talents… there is one spot, though where you can count on live music every weekend.

Stone Soup offers live jazz starting at 7pm. There’s no cover, and from what I hear from very reliable sources, the music’s pretty hot! Tomorrow night (Thursday, Jan 6) Orville Giddings will anchor an Open Mic Jam Session, Friday night the Paul Broadnax Trio will play. Check it out!

Here are a couple of major musicians who live right here in town:

Chris Florio: Chris is an amazing musician in a variety of genres (classical, jazz, world) and he just finished mixing a new CD. You gotta hear this stuff. Hard to label, like all the best music! Check out the new stuff here and then click around the other pages to hear his various incarnations. And the man can’t resist a chance to jam… stop in at Stone Soup tomorrow night and you might get a chance to hear him, if you’re lucky!

Eric Colville: If you’ve never heard or seen the video, Eric Colville’s “End of War” is must see. (Click here to see it.) Now let’s see if we can get Eric and Alexandra out gigging again!

Ipswich Music: If your New Years resolution was to pick up a new instrument, or to brush up your guitar skills, you have to call Steve at Ipswich Music. He taught guitar to my daughter last winter into spring. He’s great with kids, makes music lessons fun. He’s also incredibly talented.

Do you know about more musicians or musical events/venues that should be mentioned here? Leave a comment!

Just one more…

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