Where to eat?

7 01 2011

It’s Friday and I’m thinking about what I’m going to put on the table for dinner. Or maybe we’ll go out. But where?

Ipswich is small town… how many places can there possibly be to eat? I have it on good authority that there are 17! There are some 13,000 people living in town… well, we can’t ALL get a table tonight, but there is certainly a wide range of choices.

We have two Zagat rated fine dining establishments (Zablione and Ithaki), a landmark clam shack, more lightly prepared seafood, delis, Thai, Italian, Greek, prepared food to take home, pizza delivery (3 that I can think of off the top of my head), established old favorites and brand spanking new ones.

I must admit to being partial to 5 Corners Deli for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is it’s right across the street from my own place of business. Julie makes it a point to know her customers, greeting them by name and keeping track of our lives AND our favorite sandwiches. The food’s always great, the seating area is bright and comfortable. Their address can’t be beat… Zero Central Street. Almost sounds like one of those magical places that might not really exist, but it does! Only problem is that 5 Corners isn’t open for dinner so…

We’ve had pizza from Ipswich House of Pizza, and my husband swears that they make the best burger around. Rossini’s serves up the yummiest dinner rolls with their Italian dishes.

Christopher’s Table is a gourmet dream, with fab sandwiches and soups for lunch and prepared food to take home for dinner. Fool your family or (more fun) your guests into thinking you can really cook like that. I confess, I am eating a cinnamon roll from Chris’s as I compose this…

There are antique houses to eat in: 1640 Hart House for a classy environment and fancy food, and right across the border in Rowley you’ve got Village Pancake, cozy and delicious.

I’ve got friends that swear by Mayflower’s Asian cuisine, and out-of-towners (all the way from Amesbury! Ha!) that make it a point to stop in at Choate Bridge Pub for lunch.

There are a ton of places I haven’t mentioned, and many in town that I’ve never tried. Don’t know where we’ll end up tonight.

What’s your favorite place to nosh? Favorite dish? Got any pics?